Taper Schmaper, South Beach Bound!

I should have listened. I should have lightened my stride. I should have slept more. I should have eaten healthier. But why would I do such things on this very week before my race? I mean, it’s only my first triathlon of the year…heck, it’s the first triathlon I’ve done since September. Eek! 

I don’t think it’s nerves: I actually believe it’s the opposite - I’ve gotten too comfortable. But OH NO we will not go there! Comfort does not propel one forward but sets one back. Nerves are the power I personally prefer to get my mind and body ready for race day. So I need to vow to myself to be more regimented and stick to a game plan even if going off the rails doesn’t feel so bad in the moment. Because come race day…all those bad decisions creep up on you. Go on with your bad self bad decisions!

I think all my mini fails this week were a domino effect. I ate way too much food and chocolate and that was a result of being too hungry which came from exercising a little too hard, which also took away from my beauty sleep. My work life hasn’t helped as it has been a super busy week for me and I have had to cancel every lunch and dinner appointment I had originally scheduled. This sport is surely not for the lazy, but it also isn’t the easiest sport to fit into a normal person’s schedule. 

In prepping for the South Beach Triathlon this Sunday, I still went to all training sessions - swims, rides and runs. I could have taken it easier but sometimes when we feel great we just go all out. That’s what I did, especially on the run and ride, because my calves are tight today. But I’m spending the night rolling, stretching and hydrating, as I’ll be cramped on a plane come morning and I want my Florida experience to start off on the right foot. Yes, work with me feet!!

My bike C.C. is already in the warm climate as I dropped it off with my coach earlier this week and he drove all the team wheels down. There are approximately 40 members of Terrier Tri participating in the race which is super exciting! I love the feeling of racing with friends; it makes the ride so enjoyable and now I have a group of people I can talk shop with. (Triathlon talk is boring for anyone outside of the sport I’ve noticed). Most of the Terriers did this race in years past so they have a lot of comments about the course and what to expect. I already know I may not wear a wetsuit due to high temps, part of the run could be on the sand, and the bike course has sharp turns. And sharks have been spotted!! OMG. But the number one thing I’m reminded of…it’s HOT. Like sticky, sweaty, mosquito-swattin’ HOT. Yuck. (haha, it’s either too cold or too hot; we’re never satisfied, are we!)

The weekend will be more than just the Sunday race - we’ve got a whole team schedule ahead of us! And since I’m from South FL, I’ll get to spend time with my family as well. Very excited about that. Here’s the plan:

Friday, April 17th
-South Beach arrival - check into team hotel 
-Dinner with mama Forge and some of the Terriers. Carbs, anyone?
-Possible night time workout, light with a focus on stretching

Saturday, April 18th
-10:00am: Meet the team at transition
-10:15am: Team swim in Atlantic Ocean
-11:30am: Race course talk at stage via Race Director
-12:15pm: Terrier transition walk through/ Team pre-race meeting
-1:00pm: Packet pick-up/ take bikes off Terrier trailer/ check bikes in
-2:00pm: Back to hotel to REST. FEET UP! No sun!
-6:00pm: Team dinner! Italian food, obviously.
-9:30pm: Predicted/hopeful BED TIME

Sunday, April 19th
-4:30am: Transition opens
-6:50am: Olympic race start
-7:24am: Predicted start (.93 mile swim, 24.25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run)
-11:15am: Bike to be dropped back off with trailer

The main goal here is to ENJOY it and have FUN. Myself and my teammates have spent several training months indoors due to freezing NYC temps and now we have the ability to finally race and experience the great outdoors. I don’t expect to win an award, but I do expect to feel exceptional when I finish and feel that glory that I love so very much. I’m not a fan of heat and I don’t run well in it, but I am still so excited to do what I love to do. It makes me feel like superwoman. And isn’t that what it’s all about??!!

So I may have screwed up my taper week but there are worse things I could do. One thing I can promise you - I will finish this race…even if I’m crawling on the scolding pavement to that final mile marker. SOUTH BEACH, WHERE YOU AT??!! Wooohooo….

Race regards,
South Beachin’ BForge