Injured But Not Out!

On July 5th, I sadly sprained my ankle. It happens, right? Yes, it happens, and it mainly comes at the worst possible time. But I have vowed to not let it get me down. Injured does not mean out…as a matter of fact, "IN" begins the word and my motto for these next four weeks before my first Ironman...!

So what is the injury? It’s a grade 2 lateral ankle sprain to the left foot. I’ve had a few injuries as a high-schooler and all were results of doing something stupid. In 9th grade I tried out for the cheerleading squad and hadn’t worked on my back handsprings much beforehand but I hoped for the best going into tryouts (bad move). Running down that mat I knew I was in trouble…and then round-off, back hand….and DOWN, flat on my face, breaking my fall with both wrists. I sprained the left and broke the right…during finals week. Way to go, B. Rah Rah Rah. And then in 11th grade, I was wearing flip flops on a skateboard (what!?) and obviously lost my balance and fell off twisting my ankle and breaking my right foot. I illegally drove myself to work for the next couple of months with my left foot on the gas/brake and my right boot swung over the center console. Well, the good news is that I got my head back on straight since then!

I have been a very good patient these past 12 days since the accident. I have exercised most days, but kept it light, and have been sticking to pool swims, with tiny runs and spins here and there. I have also friended the ice pack and ibuprofen, and rest! Yes, rest - that sweet, sweet friend of mine. Plus, I took up deep water running this past week after purchasing an aqua jogger. Yes, it's ridiculous looking, but so far I'm loving the feeling of finally moving my legs (without all the impact). And I just began physical therapy, only to find I actually am healing quite well. But when will I be fully healed? No one really knows.

SO! For the time being, I’m choosing to be positive and proactive. I am so so happy to report that though I can no longer do the full NYC Triathlon this weekend, I am still able to compete in the race as part of a relay team! I, Brittany Forgione, have actually chosen to swim in the dark, mucky waters of the Hudson River. YES, INSANITY, is what that is called. But I don’t care about the symptoms of brown skin and yellow teeth, I am so incredibly pleased to take part in one of my favorite local events. Since finding this out, my spirits have lifted big time. I have that thing we like to call FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so being on the sidelines is tough. But now seeing as the temperature will be in the high 90's on Sunday, I am happy to report I will be one smiley spectator, glad I am not melting and running! Just melting maybe...

Going into my final four weeks of Ironman training, I am super optimistic. We all should be. I mean, I'm not alone in this. In the last couple of weeks, two teammates of mine had to pull out of Ironman Lake Placid (which is July 26) due to injury. It's crazy how we dedicate our lives to this crazy schedule of swim, bike, and run for several months, and then in an instant our situation shifts and we must let go of that big goal. But if you're like me or my teammates, you find a new goal. You take the time to recover, re-evaluate, and then regain your physical and mental strength for the next big challenge in your life. The same goes with career and family and almost everything we work hard at every day.

So just like the motto of this blog, find those triumphs along the way. The prize at the end of the rainbow is definitely grand, but what matters is the journey along the way through the many colors.

I'm nearing my finish line, and though I've had a setback, I'm still moving along, enjoying the ride.

Semi-sidelined and smiling,