Feeding Forge: Work With What Ya Got

I food shop most weekends, but only leave with what I can hold alone, which is never too much. Because of this, I choose my items wisely by sticking to essentials that will provide the most nutrients in the quickest amount of time. This girl is always on the go, so fast is the name of the game. 

Of all the staples I shop for, a bulk of it falls under the fruit and veggie category. In my opinion, frozen is fantastic, so stock up on all your favs and pack that freezer with plenty of berryful goodness. My frozen veggies end up in smoothies, on toasts, in salads and in stir fry dishes. Frozen berries (all kinds) and fruit, find their way into my smoothies, cereals, oatmeals, and always are extra yum for healthy snackin'. (frozen grapes are my absolute fav!) In the fridge, most days, I have ezekiel bread, apples, pears, parmesan, greens, greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and milk. Everything that works for me!

Don't fret if your meals don't resemble your favorite foodie's shots on Instagram. Gram-able doesn't mean edible! Here's what I "whipped up" recently...

(Click on photos to see ingredients)