Feeding Forge: What's in My Fridge

                 Some of my favs! Clearly, I love carbs. Nom, nom nom...

                 Some of my favs! Clearly, I love carbs. Nom, nom nom...

Food is fab. My fitness-packed lifestyle demands many nutritious and substance-packed foods to power my training and aid in my body’s daily recovery. With this in mind, I’ve tweaked my purchases over the last couple of years to the point where I can now food shop in my sleep. 
Ok, maybe not exactly, but that I’d like to try! 

When I enter a marketplace I’ve got a plan, a purpose and a mental shopping list. Supermarkets can be exhausting for a lot of people. Even with a checklist, it’s tough approaching those aisles while also thinking about long term health goals when it comes to how we fill our plates. Walking into a grocery store should be like stepping up to the starting line - think ahead, be prepared and pace yourself.

My current fridge & counter foods are all listed below. Due to my crazy schedule of early morning training and long days of work, I rather not cook much, so I opt for items that can be steamed, toasted, or ready to go. You can also call this lazy! I stay clear of anything in large containers or bulks of chocolate, because I know I will ATTACK it. It’s true, I have very little control of certain foods….I’m looking at you, Nutella.

           In line at Trader Joes, kicking this heavy cart to the check out.

           In line at Trader Joes, kicking this heavy cart to the check out.

     Last week's purchases. Some sweet choices here to be careful with...

     Last week's purchases. Some sweet choices here to be careful with...


Sprouted grain bread - high in protein, fiber; low in sodium/ aids in digestion
Kasha GoLean cereal - high in protein, fiber; fairly low in sugar; no high-fructose corn syrup 
Van’s Power Grain waffles - healthier option as it provides 10g protein/2 waffles
Ezekiel sprouted cereal - high in fiber, protein/ great swap-in for granola
Plain Oatmeal - heart-healthy oats to replenish the body/ great post workout fuel

One of my favorite neighborhood natural markets - Westerly!

One of my favorite neighborhood natural markets - Westerly!

Gluten Free:
Brown rice cakes (plain/low sodium) - great swap-in for pita chips/ light and filling
Black bean pasta - high protein, fiber “pasta” with tons of flavor and character
Quinoa - keep this around as an extra boost of fiber/protein in place of pasta

Cooked & frozen grilled chicken strips/breasts - great way to get protein fast
Dr. Preager’s veggie burgers - healthy dose of soy protein in little time
Hard boiled eggs - quick protein for lazy people :)
Protein powder - I opt for Perfect Fit Vegan Protein - chocolate

Cooked and frozen edamame (shelled) - a go-to side dish for my chicken meals
Frozen and/or fresh stir fry veggies - a quick steam and a splash of LS soy sauce with protein for a great meal
Frozen spinach - high protein/iron option for smoothies, eggs and more
Frozen veggie steam bags (various) - no excuse option for quick and healthy greens
Zuchinnis - for “zoodles” made with the spiralizer…my absolute fav!

Red Delicious apples - higher in fiber than most apples, great sub for sugary foods
Frozen/fresh berries - antioxidant-packed goodness for smoothies, yogurts and more
Pomegranate seeds - super seed with health benefits & tons of flavor
Small organic bananas - potassium-strong for those extra hard training days
Tomatoes/Onions - ready to go for sandwiches and salads
Green grapes - freeze them and they’re great sweet snacks 

Healthy fats:
Almond Butter - my favorite protein spread for pre-workout bites 
Avocado - used in place of most condiments, spreads or dressings
Hummus - low fat hummus is a great swap in for mayo/honey mustard 

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt - no brainer. High in protein, low in fat, great way to start a day
Parmesan cheese - the king of calcium is perfect as a salad topper
Low-Fat mozzarella sticks - extra protein source on the go, always good in moderation

FIT Popcorn - plain, air-popped, popcorn with fiber and plenty of flavor
Dark-chocolate rice cakes - little sweet, little salty, healthier than chocolate bar
Dark-chocolate edamame - nice shot of chocolate & protein when I crave sweets
Trail mix - healthy array of almonds, walnuts, pecans & cashews for quick bites

Cinnamon - better topper for yogurt, oatmeal and spreads over sugar/sweeteners
Crushed red pepper - adding spice adds flavor without calories and slows down eating
Balsamic Vinegar - healthier salad dressing option
Low sodium soy sauce - A drop of this is enough flavor to satisfy/ sodium-packed for pre and post race meals

KIND bars - I opt for the low-sugar ones/ great for pre-workout power or daytime snack 
Health Warrior Chia bars - these little guys have only 100 calories, a bit of protein, fiber & fat. My go-to pre-cycle staple
Quest bars - great source of high-protein, delicious flavors, nice swap in for a small meal on the go
Gnu Fiber bars - almost half a day's suggested fiber intake, helps regulate blood sugar levels & hunger

All of these choices are fit for me based on my active lifestyle and need for certain nutrients. I don't cut out a lot of categories because there are benefits in most. Eat what you love in moderation and give your body healthy doses of exercise to stay well-balanced and most of all, happy!

*If you want to make small changes, find new ones, or need some extra tips, message me via the contact page! 


**TODAY'S WORKOUT: 8 mile run in AM, 2500yd swim in PM**